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Airbrake is a globally recognized and leading provider of error tracking and monitoring services. Known for its robust and user-friendly interface, Airbrake provides real-time error tracking that helps developers identify and fix issues faster and more efficiently.

Common Issues with Airbrake

While Airbrake is a reliable error tracking service, users may sometimes encounter issues such as application crashes, delayed notifications, or configuration problems. Here are some common issues:

  • Delayed notifications: This could occur due to server issues or software glitches.
  • Configuration issues: These are often the result of user error during the setup process.
  • Application crashes: While rare, these can occur due to bugs in the Airbrake system or in the user's application.

Tips and Tricks When Experiencing a Disruption

When encountering a disruption with Airbrake, here are some tips and tricks that can help you resolve them:

  • Check your configuration: Make sure everything is set up correctly, as most issues are often due to configuration errors.
  • Check Airbrake's status page: This page will tell you if there are any known issues or outages.
  • Contact Airbrake's support: If you can't resolve the issue yourself, reaching out to Airbrake's support team can help you get back on track.

Possible Solutions to Common Issues

Here are some possible solutions to common issues encountered by Airbrake users:

  • For configuration issues, review your set up and ensure that you followed all the steps accurately.
  • If you're experiencing delayed notifications, try clearing your browser’s cache or check your internet connection.
  • In case of application crashes, you might need to debug your application or contact Airbrake's support for further assistance.


While disruptions can be inconvenient, knowing how to navigate common issues and having a few troubleshooting tips up your sleeve can make a world of difference. Remember, the Airbrake support team is always there to assist you when needed.

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